9 Red Flags To Watch For During a Job Search

When it makes sense to say “no thank you” to a job offer

When a job offer comes to you, it can be hard to say “no,” even when there are signs that it’s not a good fit for you. But turning down a job can sometimes be the smartest career move. It’s much worse to take a job and discover that it’s not a good fit than it is to politely decline an offer and keep your job search moving forward.

Watch Out For These Red Flags When You’re Job Searching

It’s important to be extremely thorough when considering a job, whether you’re reading the listing, scheduling an interview or signing the contract. Here are 9 red flags to look for when you’re job hunting.

10 Reasons to Decline a Job Offer

When you’re on the fence about whether to accept or reject the new position, it can feel like every move is the wrong one. If you have qualms about accepting a job offer, ask yourself these questions to help you decide.

What To Do if Your Manager Won't Give You a Reference

There are a lot of reasons a manager might decline to give you a reference, and not all of them mean that you’ve alienated your soon-to-be former boss. If it happens to you, the important move for your career is to line up substitute references, so that you can prove to a prospective employer that you’re someone people will vouch for.

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