Best Sites for Free Online Computer Classes

Free computer classes, courses, and certifications.

Computer skills are important for almost every job, and in addition to helping you succeed at work, strong computer skills can help you get hired. The good news is that there are a wealth of free classes that you can take online. If you prefer in-person learning, there are options available too.

For some industries, certification may be required, and even if it's not, it can boost your resume. And that’s the case even if you don’t have a college degree. You can study and get certified online, and the program may even assist with interview coaching and job searching.

Here are some of the best options for online computer learning to upgrade your skills, along with free tools you can use to match your skills to jobs.

Best Sites for Computer Classes

If you’re looking to boost your computer skills, there are many free or low-cost online or in-person classes you can take that will help you get hired or promoted.

Certificate Programs That Lead to Well-Paying Jobs

Certification programs can be useful for people who are just starting their careers, as well as for people who already have years of experience and want to boost their skills. Here are 10 well-paying jobs you can get with a certificate rather than a college degree.

Find Online Certification Programs

One of the things that you might need to do when you’re changing jobs is to upgrade your skills. That’s something you can work on before you even start a job search, and there are free courses you can take to help you get started.

Here are some online certifications that will help you jump-start your career:

For more options, use CareerOneStop’s Certification Finder to search by name, organization, industry, or occupation, and explore these short-term training programs that will boost your career.

Tools To Match Your Skills to Jobs

Here are free tools that show you how to match your skills to possible job options, upgrade your skills if you need to, and write your cover letter and resume to show prospective employers that you’re a strong candidate for the job.

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