Are You Feeling Stuck in Your Career?

What to do when it's time for a career change.

Does your career feel stuck? Looking for a new job is never easy, and it can be even harder when you're looking to switch careers. But with planning, some time, and a solid strategy, you can reinvent your career and make the change you're dreaming of, no matter where you're at in your current profession or how old you are.

Did you know that many people who've successfully changed careers are actually mid-career professionals? They often feel burnt out or are just searching for something different to do with their working lives.

8 Signs That It’s Time for a Career Change

Recognizing signs that it's time for a career change can be difficult, especially if you're unaware of them. If you're feeling bored, tired, or unmotivated at work, that might be a sign that it's time to consider a change. Here are some additional signs to look out for:

  1. Using every excuse to take time off and dreading going back to work

  2. Disliking your job and wishing you were anywhere else

  3. Constantly complaining about work and not wanting to do your job anymore

  4. Experiencing stress that can only be attributed to work

  5. Feeling bored and unproductive at work

  6. Having trouble setting goals or developing professionally

  7. Dreading going to work on a regular basis

  8. Constantly thinking about quitting or retiring

What To Do When It’s Time for a Change

If you're experiencing any of these signs, it may be time to consider changing careers. Here are some tips on how to do so:

  • Identify your passions and interests: Think about what you enjoy doing outside of work and consider how to turn that into a career.

  • Research different careers: Look into other industries and job roles to see what might be a good fit for you.

  • Network: Reach out to people in the industry you're interested in and ask for advice or informational interviews.

  • Update your skills: Take courses or attend workshops to develop the skills you need for your new career.

  • Consider taking on a side job or volunteering: This can help you gain experience and make connections in your desired field.

  • Be patient: Changing careers can take time and effort, so don't expect an immediate transition.

Remember, changing careers is a big decision but it can lead to a more fulfilling and satisfying work life.

Tip: When you’re thinking about a career change, these free online career tests can help you find ideas for what to do in the next stage of your career.

How To Change Careers at Any Age

When you’ve decided that it’s time to change careers, here’s advice for getting started:

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