Free Skills-Matching Tools to Help You Switch Jobs

Tips and tools for exploring new job options

Are you tired of your old job and looking for a change? Do you want to do something different with the next phase of your career? Deciding what you want to do next can be challenging, especially when you may not even be familiar with the types of jobs you’re qualified to do. These free skill-matching tools are designed to help you decide what your next new position could look like, and they can help you explore career options.

There are also free career assessments you can use to take a deeper look at potential career paths and learn what options are the best fit for your personality, interests, and skills.

Free Skills-Matching Tools to Help You Change Jobs

These free tools show you how to match your skills to job options, how to upgrade your skills if you need to, and how to write your cover letter and resume to show prospective employers that you’re a strong candidate for the job.

Free Career Aptitude and Career Assessment Tests

A career aptitude test can help you narrow down your job choices and choose a career path that is compatible with your interests, skills, values, and personality.

5 Free and Easy Ways to Improve Your Computer Skills

One of the things that you might need to do when you’re changing jobs is to upgrade your skills. That’s something you can work on before you even start a job search, and there are free courses you can take to help you get started.

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