Reasons Why You’re Not Hearing Back About Jobs

Why employers don't follow up with job applicants

It happens way too often—a candidate puts a lot of time and effort into updating their resume, writing a cover letter that highlights their qualifications, and submitting an application for what seems like a perfect job.

You might get an acknowledgement that your application was received, if you’re lucky you might get contacted for an interview, or you may hear nothing at all.

What To Do if You Don’t Hear Back

There are many different reasons why you may not hear back from employers after you apply for a job. You may also not hear from a hiring manager after you’ve spent time interviewing for a new position, which can be even worse. Not knowing where you stand can be difficult and stressful. Review some of the reasons you might not hear back from a prospective employer.

How to Tell if a Job is a Good Fit

Even when you do hear back, the job may not be what you thought it was when you applied. How do you know if you should accept an offer for a job? Although there are never any ironclad guarantees, following a thoughtful process can increase your chances of making a sound decision. Here’s how to tell if a job is a good match.

Tips for Negotiating a Flexible Work Schedule

Do you need a more flexible schedule? Depending on the job, many employers are willing to negotiate a schedule with a highly valued employee. That’s especially the case when it’s easy for you to work from home and still get your job done. Here are some tips to improve your chances of negotiating an accommodation for a flexible schedule from your employer.

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