What To Do When You've Messed Up at Work

How to handle a mistake at work and move on.


What To Do When You've Messed Up at Work

What can you do if you've messed up at work? First of all, don't worry. It can happen even when you do your best to ensure you don't make any mistakes.

No matter how good you are at your job, sooner or later, you will make a mistake at work. If you're passionate about your work, you may be even more likely to mess up. It's the dedicated people who tend to overcommit and overschedule—and that's how things go wrong.

Here’s what to do when you make a mistake at work, with tips for the best ways to move on.


Make Your Mental Health a Priority

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How To Practice Mindfulness at Work

Stress is one of the factors that can contribute to making mistakes at work. The workplace can be a stress-ridden environment of constant pressure. Bringing a Mindfulness practice into your life can help you get a more present and balanced perspective.

How To Boost Your Productivity at Work

When you're proactive at work, you'll be less overwhelmed and less likely to make a mistake.

This step-by-step guide to improving your productivity will help you transform your day from reactivity (where you react to everything that happens in your day) to proactivity (where you take control of the things that you can and plan extra time to manage the things in your day that you cannot control).

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